About The Best Pilot Car Service in the USA

Trailblazer Pilot Car Services, LLC specializes in Superloads and Super-Heavy loads: whether the trailer configuration is a dual-lane loader, dolly system, trunion, jeep and dolly, dual-lane splitter or Goldhofer.  As required by state regulations, we coordinate with all the utilities before and during load movement, thus helping with the ground logistics.

We are headquartered in San Antonio, but also provide Nationwide dispatch of professional and safety-minded Pilot cars when requested.  On a Texas note, we serve our customers in Laredo, Houston, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Del Rio and Galveston, and have TWIC cards to enter the Ports.

Trailblazer Pilot Car Services provide superior service, loyalty, integrity and team work that satisfies our customers' needs.  Since 1994 Jake and Patt Kimmel have built an organization dedicated to Safety--OUR BUSINESS IS SAFETY!



Our Services

  • SUPERLOAD and SUPER-HEAVY load movements
  • Transportation and ground logistics
  • High Poles
  • Route Surveys
  • Experienced WIDE load escorts
  • Nationwide Dispatch
  • Team Security
  • Flagging
  • TWIC cards/Passports
  • Mobile Fax Capabilities

Contact Us

Local: (210) 822-7501
Toll Free: (800) 745-0384
Mobile Fax:(866) 884-7501
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"The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore."

PSALMS 121:8